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A Decade of Excellence in Subscription Management

With a decade of expertise in providing top-tier print and digital media subscriptions, Athenaeum Solutions serves businesses, colleges, and institutions with unwavering reliability. Dive into our journey, learn about our values, and explore our unyielding commitment to quality information distribution.

One-Stop Hub:
With national and international subscriptions, we are a one-stop hub for all your informational needs.
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Our long-standing reputation attests to our reliable and efficient service in subscription management.
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At Athenaeum Solutions, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are dedicated to serving your specific needs.
Athenaeum Solutions for the Modern Library

The Athenaeum Story: A Decade in the Making

Our Journey: A Decade of Growth and Excellence

Embark on the journey of Athenaeum Solutions, where a decade of dedication has fostered unparalleled growth and industry excellence. From our humble beginnings in 2010, we have expanded our services to cater to an increasingly diverse clientele, ranging from businesses to colleges and institutions.

Our journey is a testament to our commitment to our clients, our adaptability in an evolving market, and our ceaseless pursuit of delivering quality subscriptions. Witness our milestones, celebrate our achievements, and get a glimpse of our exciting future as we continue to revolutionize subscription management.

Athenaeum Solutions for the Modern Library

Meet Our Leadership

Get acquainted with the leadership team at Athenaeum Solutions - the experienced professionals steering our company towards continued growth and success in the realm of subscription management.

Our leadership team, with their extensive industry knowledge and shared vision, strategically guides our operations, always keeping client satisfaction at the forefront. From overseeing diverse print and digital media subscriptions for businesses, colleges, and institutions, to ensuring the highest standards of service, they embody the values and commitment that define Athenaeum Solutions. Discover more about their individual roles, their contributions to our journey, and their commitment to delivering quality and efficient subscription management services.

  • Arun Dhaneshwar @ Athenaeum Solutions

    Arun Dhaneshwar

    Arun Dhaneshwar, the astute Managing Director of Athenaeum Solutions Private Limited, has been a driving force behind the company’s success in the realm of print and digital media subscriptions. With a background in Business Administration and over two decades of experience, Arun combines technological innovation with a keen understanding of market trends to keep Athenaeum at the forefront of the industry. His vision has been instrumental in expanding services, forging strategic partnerships with national and international publishers, and ensuring tailor-made solutions that speak to the unique needs of a diverse clientele including businesses and educational institutions.


    An advocate for customer satisfaction, Arun's leadership style is characterized by mentorship and a commitment to excellence. His passion for embracing new ideas and continuously seeking improvements has cultivated a dynamic and progressive company culture. Outside of his professional endeavors, Arun is an avid reader and takes a keen interest in the latest technological innovations and publishing trends. His unwavering dedication and expertise are the pillars upon which Athenaeum continues to build its legacy.


  • Surekha Limbare @ Athenaeum Solutions

    Surekha Limbare

    Surekha Limbare, our dynamic Director and acting CEO, is the driving force behind Athenaeum. She is a visionary leader who brings her strategic acumen, proven operational expertise, and a passion for knowledge dissemination to her role at the helm of Athenaeum.


    With over two decades of experience in the subscription management industry, Surekha has been instrumental in shaping Athenaeum's commitment to delivering the highest quality subscription services to our diverse clients, including institutions, colleges, and businesses. She has been crucial in curating our impressive portfolio of national and international publishers, ensuring that our clients have access to the most insightful, relevant, and current resources.


    Surekha’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to customer service have not only led to Athenaeum's success but have also positioned us as a trusted partner in the information industry. Her unwavering dedication to excellence is reflected in every aspect of Athenaeum's operations. Under Surekha's leadership, we continue to thrive, innovate, and serve our clients with unmatched professionalism and integrity.

  • Anand Chavan @ Athenaeum Solutions

    Anand Chavan

    Anand Chavan, Chief Technical Officer of Athenaeum, champions technological innovation with a user-centric approach. His academic background in Information Technology coupled with extensive industry experience shapes his understanding of both the technical and user aspects of our platform. As a visionary leader, he's focused on ensuring seamless functionality and delivering a user-friendly experience across our services.


    In his role as CTO, Anand oversees all technological aspects of Athenaeum and is instrumental in shaping its digital transformation journey. His strategic planning, problem-solving skills, and commitment to collaboration have helped place Athenaeum at the forefront of digital innovation in the academic world, making it a trusted platform for academic resources today.

Beyond the Boardroom: Our Extended Team

Meet the extended team at Athenaeum Solutions, the unsung heroes behind our superior subscription services. Their expertise ensures we meet the diverse needs of our clients, spanning businesses, colleges, and institutions, solidifying our standing in subscription management. Discover their roles and how they contribute to our success.

  • Pallavi Nigade @ Athenaeum Solutions

    Pallavi Nigade

    Subscription Dept. Head

  • Bhakti Nirbhavane @ Athenaeum Solutions

    Bhakti Nirbhavane

    Business Development Officer

  • Samiksha Jadhav @ Athenaeum Solutions

    Samiksha Jadhav

    Back Office

  • Abhishek Bishwokarma @ Athenaeum Solutions

    Abhishek Bishwokarma

    Circulations Incharge

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